It all starts with a wall…

I have always loved stories. From a very small age, telling stories has felt very natural and right to me. Whether playing with toys alone or outside with friends, ideas, imagination and inspiration have always been there.
Stories are what make childhood exciting, as well as, from early on, building our picture and understanding of the world. Without stories we cannot hope to dream of new and better things.
I have a story to tell and as I sit here on a Saturday morning, it will not let me sleep before I have begun to tell it.
It is a story which will span centuries, millennia even. Taking us from the time of giant beasts that roamed the plains, while pockets of humans fought to survive (NOT dinosaurs!). To the might of the British Empire, storming across the seas and taking all without looking to the consequences.
History is the greatest story of all and through a series of books, I am going to tell it; not through the eyes of adults but the dreaming, determined eyes of some very strong children.
This is the story of us…
It all starts with a wall.

Published by JG Jones

Author of the Source Stories series - a timeline of tales which tell our story, brought to life through children's eyes.

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