Become a Source Detective…?

…There seems to be a new button on my website…oooooh!

If like me you like buttons and are always tempted to push/click/whack them (whether or not you’re meant to) then the latest addition to my site is just for you…lots of things to click on!

I wanted to create a club for all my readers to encourage them to write their own historical stories as well as provide information about the books and characters.

This club is called the Source Detectives and is launching….today!

Look! There’s even a logo and everything!

But the book isn’t published?! No it’s not…but I figure there may be children (or adults) out there hungering for my books so much that they want to receive a fancy email from me prior to launch!

As an added bonus, once the book is published, you will have access to a behind-the-scenes look at all the background information and research I did, where you can find pages that look like this:

Ooooooh sneak peeks – something else I like!

So go on…I dare you!

Published by JG Jones

Author of the Source Stories series - a timeline of tales which tell our story, brought to life through children's eyes.

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