The countdown begins…

These last few months have been a whirlwind of personal events/issues/things which have significantly taken away from writing time! Well no more!

This morning I have set my goal…

A sneak peek at my very busy month!

In one month,

From the Cave Wall: A Stone Age Story

will be available to buy from all good book-selling websites beginning with A, which offer a ‘prime’ service and are owned by Jeff Bezos!

I am also committing myself to updating my lovely readers/followers/random page clickers on what is going on in my writing life, to ensure that I meet this lofty target. So expect a heavy load of slightly panicky blog posts which will feed my procrastination in place of me actually working on what I need to!

Ah the writer’s life!

Published by JG Jones

Author of the Source Stories series - a timeline of tales which tell our story, brought to life through children's eyes.

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