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One of the hardest things as an indie author is getting people to believe in your book and you as a writer without a publishing house behind you. You know that your book is as valid and well written as many out there for sale in big named bookstores and just because your work hasn’t had the seal of approval from on-high, it is very often considered inferior. I recognise that a lot of this is changing and with a good marketing campaign and 1000s of whatever currency you use, you can sell many, many books. But those 1000s have to come from somewhere. After all, we in Britain know there is “no magic money tree”…ahem.

“You’ve got to spend money to make money” such a brilliant saying in today’s economy! Don’t get me wrong, if I had thousands of pounds free to use on FB ads, IG ads, Twitter ads, Amazon ads, Google ads, tattooing the name of my book to people’s foreheads with a QR code linking directly to my Amazon seller’s page, ads – you bet I would (actually…this one might be an idea)…but I don’t, I really, really don’t!

So what do you do? Putting yourself out there (another loathsome phrase!) is probably the best way to go. Trying to advertise without bankrupting yourself with no guarantee of making it back. I did a run of good old-fashioned print posters to display in places locally, which actually ended up being a lot cheaper to do than I thought. I’ve started out with 25 but will end up doing more if they garner interest.

I’m looking forward to going into schools too. After all that was the initial purpose of writing the book and beginning the series, to bring the Stone Age to life for children. This time next year, I’ll have two books to promote and will be working on my third which will be exciting!

Comment below:

What do fellow indie authors do for low-cost advertising and getting their books out there?

Any tips for promoting my book?

Any other publishing/writing woes that you want to get off your chest?

Author Interview – External link

The author ST Sanchez recently did an author interview with me, which can be found over on her blog.

It was a great opportunity to reflect on my writing and consider my approaches to the process of creating a book. Check it out if you’re interested in the book and my writing!

Just a short post today.

Further information on my WIP in the future…!

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Lazy days + annual leave = …v little!

Another quiet week from me. Sorry, I really must get into a regular blogging habit – it’s just hard when there’s so many other things to think about on this writing journey. I intend to do better…we will see how long this lasts. I quite like the idea of using Sundays as an update day, if I have failed to contribute anything during the week…what do you think?

It’s been my husband’s first week of summer annual leave, which I expect has contributed to my rather lazy approach to work! I did manage to almost complete Behind the Cave Wall – the companion ebook to my novel – and have only the final few bits and pieces to do on it, so if you’re a member of readers’ club, look out for it in your inbox next week (hopefully…). See there’s an element of hope in so much of my work atm – I blame the summer.

Speaking of the warm weather, the heatwave from last week thankfully cleared up and we had several quite miserable days (for which the garden rejoiced) followed by more clement and sunny ones. We are making the most of being able to go for walks and enjoying the glorious countryside in Norfolk.

I have so far done very little writing, but I do have my next MC’s name and I am making an about-turn and setting “From the Hammer’s Fall: An Iron Age Story”, at a known Iron Age hillfort in N Norfolk. It will be fun being able to visit and map out the story in situ.

Last night we sat outside until late. The chiminea was blazing away and I found myself staring into the depths of the fire, marvelling at how the discovery of how to control this force of nature, had such an impact on human growth and development right from the beginning. It’s interesting that through charting the societal story I will also be looking at how we have used and adapted technology – taking that fire and learning about its properties of energy to go from simple tool creation right the way through to industrialisation and modern scientific discoveries.

Yes this is the sort of thing that goes through my mind…!

This post has little actual substance but there we go!

How has your week been?

What WIPs are on your mind?

Am I the only one who has these philosophical/historical/societal reflections at odd moments? Maybe I should write them down more often!?