Become a Source Detective…?

…There seems to be a new button on my website…oooooh! If like me you like buttons and are always tempted to push/click/whack them (whether or not you’re meant to) then the latest addition to my site is just for you…lots of things to click on! I wanted to create a club for all my readersContinue reading “Become a Source Detective…?”

The countdown begins…

These last few months have been a whirlwind of personal events/issues/things which have significantly taken away from writing time! Well no more! This morning I have set my goal… In one month, From the Cave Wall: A Stone Age Story will be available to buy from all good book-selling websites beginning with A, which offerContinue reading “The countdown begins…”

Frustrations and progress

So I had managed to write about 50% of the 1st of three books yesterday – and today have decided to scrap the lot! Still, this has given me a good concept of what it is I need to do to accomplish my goals. Not least start with the longer book first and then workContinue reading “Frustrations and progress”

It all starts with a wall…

I have always loved stories. From a very small age, telling stories has felt very natural and right to me. Whether playing with toys alone or outside with friends, ideas, imagination and inspiration have always been there. Stories are what make childhood exciting, as well as, from early on, building our picture and understanding ofContinue reading “It all starts with a wall…”